Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to my new and updated web page! After many years, I have finally updated the look of my website. The old one was getting a little long in the tooth, and wasn't rendering properly on some browsers and phones. I figured by going with something standard like Bootstrap, that problem might be somewhat mitigated. At some point I'll import all of my old blog posts.
Posted by jedberg, Mar 31, 2013

About Me

I was the first (paid) employee of reddit, and currently run Site Reliability at Netflix. I've also worked at PayPal/eBay and Sendmail. I'm also a patron of the arts.

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cry at the movies that I have made

laugh at the New York times article that I was quoted in

read the the secret family recipe that my Grandmother learned from the finest chefs in Europe, which my mom and brother and I have all improved upon.

You can read my resume if you'd like, but I'm happily employed at Netflix

I finally switched over to using Macvim for my all my coding. Here is my vimrc file with a bunch of Python customizations in case it helps anyone.